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  • PHG Energy Gasifier equipment
  • PHG Energy Gasifier equipment

PHG Energy News

Acquisition of Solar Company ARiES Energy
Expands Product and Service Capabilities

PHG Energy (PHGE) has added new resources that will give customers direct access to the very latest in solar power and energy management technology. The acquisition of ARiES Energy adds to PHGE’s business lines, and formalizes the ongoing partnering relationship between the companies.

“Our companies have worked very closely together over the past two years in both project development and in researching ways to better serve this dynamic and growing energy market,” PHGE President Tom Stanzione said. “Both PHGE and ARiES have come to realize that an integration of our product and service offerings will bring a higher level of service to our customers, and just makes good business sense.”

Click here for full story. Click here to go to AriesEnergy.com

PHG Energy and Covington Tennessee's
Waste-to-Energy Plant Featured in BioMass

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Economically Sound and Environmentally Sensible


Did you know:

Downdraft gasification is an alternative energy technology PHG Energy is able to stand at the forefront of emerging technologies, continuously pursuing new applications, feedstock and equipment capabilities to provide a wide range of customers effective waste-to-energy solutions. Learn more about PHG Energy and our commitment to Alternative Energy Technology by clicking here. that can reduce utility and waste disposal costs in multiple ways.

Converting Waste to Energy

We build alternative energy facilities that allow our customers to cleanly convert biomass material to a fuel gas that can be used to produce electricity or for a variety of thermal purposes. Our patented downdraft gasification technology provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly thermo-chemical process that produces neither smoke nor odor.

Municipalities view us as an innovative partner helping them attack their growing disposal and landfill problems.

Industries find we offer those same benefits, and we can deliver substantial energy savings.

Why consider PHG Energy?

—Technology proven through tens of thousands of hours of commercial production time;

—Flexible, modular designs allowing facilities to be sized around throughput needs;

—Industrial grade equipment built to perform and to last.

More important, you will find people who want to find a way to solve your waste or energy problems . . . people who understand that both economics and environmental factors matter.  Contact us.  Let’s open a conversation, and see if we can help. 

PHG Energy News