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  • Scrap trees used as feedstock for the PHG Energy Gasification process
  • Scrap tires used as feedstock for the PHG Energy Gasification process
  • Landfill contents used as biomass for PHG Energy Gasification process
  • PHG Energy Gasifier equipment

Waste to Energy and Renewable Fuels

PHG Energy’s modern downdraft gasification technology allows the use of existing waste streams or a flexible array of feedstock for conversion to combustible gaseous fuel for kilns, boilers or electrical generation.

The choice of feedstock is a critical element in the economic analysis of the planned installation, and in the design and construction of the mechanical and control equipment to fuel the recommended gasification equipment.

Assisting customers in choosing and sourcing suitable and renewable local feedstock is an important part of the overall service provided. PHG Energy can provide assistance to users in the procurement, contracting and price forecasting of feedstock, although in some instances acceptable feedstock is readily available as a product of the customer’s ongoing industrial, waste management or manufacturing operations.

Feedstock Specfications

Dimensions: Between 3" and 1/8" (any direction).

Moisture Content: 30% by weight or less (wet basis)

Minimum Density: 14 lbs per ft3 (wet basis)

Heat Value: 6,520 btu/lb minimum, wet basis.

Minimum Biomass Content: 60% of the weight of the feedstock (dry basis)

Maximum non-volatile concentration (solids): 5% by weight (dry basis)